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the right track, at the right moment

Usually we will have a meeting where we talk about your musical needs. Maybe you need some advice? Let us see if I can help you out and as I like to dish up several genres or musical flavours, most likely we will find something that suits your needs.     


Think of good old Disco, Funk and Soul as heard in the 70's and 80's. Moving onto new versions of those classics, remixed and driven by contemporary beats. 

Hip Hop jams and House music from the 90's? Excerpts from Rock Music or Rock 'n Roll?  Maybe some World Music influences like Latin, India or African? Some Motown or the jazzier stuff?


… you name it and I will line up the tracks into a 'logical' sequence keeping a sharp eye on the floor, to stay in touch with your guests and never lose contact. In the end it all comes down to the right track at the right moment.  But hey, nothing too serious - it is a party after all, right?

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